1.  Information Security Policy

Technology is an enabler of business processes at CLX Europe, but Cyberspace is vulnerable to a wide variety of incidents, whether intentional or accidental, man-made or natural, and the data exchanged in the cyberspace can be exploited for nefarious purposes. With the ever-increasing usage of technology to manage data, also comes the need to ensure that the data and information are protected from misuse, theft, etc. Information and Cyber security have, therefore, assumed great importance.

Use of Information technology by CLX Europe is integral part of the business and operational strategies. CLX Europe implements adequate security policies, procedures and controls to protect confidentiality, maintain integrity, and ensure availability of all information stored, processed and transmitted through its information systems. An effective information security policy is needed to build a secure and resilient cyberspace for customers and employees.

CLX Europe ensures Information Security, Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection, following the ISO27001:2022 standard, across the organization by:

  • Deploying suitable measures to protect the information assets (such as: People, Physical IT assets, Software, Information, Paper documents, Services and Company Image having business value);
  • Preventing unauthorized access, modification, destruction or disclosure whether accidental or intentional to information assets;
  • Assuring information asset’s authenticity, confidentiality, integrity, availability, and compliance to laws and regulations worldwide.

CLXEurope has just obtained on 15-11-2023 the ISO 27001:2022 certification for its Development and Provision of a Digital Asset Management Software provided as Software As A Service for the FLUiiD4® Application.

1.1. Purpose and Objectives

  • To provide management commitment, direction and support for information security;
  • To define required controls to minimize threats and risks to information security;
  • To ensure proper communication of the policy to all concerned and ensure compliance with the policy, relevant standards, laws, regulations, and contractual obligations;
  • To ensure periodic and timely review & modifications of the policy to keep it current and effective.

1.2.  Use of this Policy

This Policy is intended to be useful by anybody interested in this company, by way of example but not exhaustively,

  • Shareholders;
  • Stakeholders;
  • Employees;
  • Partners;
  • Clients;
  • Suppliers;